About Us

By effectively combining mission and profits, KHE aims to preserve affordable communities while driving financial yields.

​KH Equities (KHE) is a privately held company focused on investing and operating affordable housing communities throughout the US. Since its founding, KHE has serviced over 11,000 residents through housing, enrichment centers, and community building programs.  We aim to bring our expertise to enhance the quality of life for our residences through targeted resident services.  By creating a “pride of ownership” for our residences, we are able to lower operating costs by reducing turnover, lowering vacancies, and cutting insurance costs.

For our investors, we cultivate a culture of innovative thinking, high yields, trust, and and an atmosphere of successful and like-minded individuals.

For our residents, we create and sustain clean, safe, and affordable environments that enable our residents to feel a sense of belonging.

For our communities, we serve to protect, preserve and enrich the communities that we partner with.

KHE primarily focuses on the following assets

Affordable Housing

Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) /Section 42/Section 8

Workforce Housing

Class "B" and "C" properties that cater to under-served communities/Communal Living

Adaptive Housing

Crisis Shelters /Permanent Supportive Housing/Bridge Housing/Interim Housing/Sobering Centers

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In 2018, more than

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